Camp Bowie begins beautification project to improve district

Fort Worth, Texas – Camp Bowie District Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to revitalizing the area, is working to improve medians by planting drought-tolerant shrubs, ornamental grasses, and groundcover; spreading mulch; and adding an underground irrigation system. The $400,000 project is taking place between Pelham Road and Marks Place, guided by the Camp Bowie District Beautification Committee.

“We are excited to see the final product but even more enthusiastic to see what new businesses will seek out this area because of the improvements,” Wade G. Chappell, executive director for Camp Bowie District, said in a statement.

The district received funding for the project through TxDOT’s Green Ribbon Grant Program, which came about after Houston legislators wanted to mitigate poor air quality and enhance Texas highways with more plants that will absorb carbon dioxide. Any county that falls below the state’s environmental attainment level may apply for funding in coordination with a local city agency.

Camp Bowie District is looking to both beautify the street and improve air quality with the new greenery. The district will also be considering proper intersection sight distance and clear zone requirements when installing the plants.

The project is a collaboration among the City of Fort Worth’s Parks Department, TxDOT, Phillips Landscaping, Freese & Nichols, Inc., and Camp Bowie District.

“Being a part of Camp Bowie District now more than ever feels rewarding,” Randal Archie, owner of Archie’s Gardenland, board member for Camp Bowie District, and beautification committee chair, said in a statement. “The process of securing the Green Ribbon funding and applying its benefits to the west side of Camp Bowie boosts our small business pride in our local community.”

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