Discover the history of your home with the Public Library

Fort Worth, Texas – Fort Worthians can discover the history of their homes with the Fort Worth Public Library.

The library will host a virtual presentation, “If These Walls Could Talk,” on Dec. 12, showing residents how to use free resources to research the history of a home. The presentation will last about 45 minutes.

Most homes have a story, says senior librarian archivist Jennifer Brancato. For example, one home’s past owner had ties to alcohol sales during prohibition and ended up in federal court.

“It’s always interesting to find out about the people that lived [in a home] previously,” Brancato says. “Finding out that you had an army personnel living there during World War II, that’s always what’s most interesting to me.”

Even if the home’s history isn’t anything fancy or locally significant, the point of the project is to better connect people with their homes, Brancato says.

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