Thanksgiving travelers keep Dallas Love Field busy

Dallas, Texas – A steady stream of travelers has filled Dallas Love Field with the busy Thanksgiving travel period underway.

Health officials with the Centers For Disease Control fear numbers will go even higher as people travel to visit families and friends. Sunday was the most number of travelers through TSA checkpoints nationwide since the pandemic began.

The CDC recommends people postpone travel and stay home due to rampant community spread of COVID-19.

Passengers at Dallas Love Field said they have concerns about traveling and deciding to fly was a difficult decision.

“I’m pretty worried, but I don’t have a lot of time to see my family and I thought before the holidays, when it’s at its peak, I should come and visit them,” Miriam Esparza said.

“I was just hoping everyone would wear their mask and at least trying to maintain as much distance as possible,” Matthew Layumas said.

“I get tested probably once a month and since I travel so much, just be on the safe side, and I’m hoping everyone else does too,” Suzi Ayers said.

Passengers are being urged to check online security wait times in order to spend less time in the terminal. Travelers can see checkpoint wait time data on the TSA’S free app called My TSA.

The airport requires all passengers and employees to wear masks.

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