Need to land a job? Try out a warehouse job in Fort Worth ! Here are some opening positions

Fort Worth, Texas – The first stimulus check was sent out to the American people to help alleviate the financial burden caused by the coronavirus. Congress continues to work on a second stimulus package and possibly sent during August.

$1,200 isn’t enough to survive in America and help pay bills. Newsbreak classifieds is a resource to you in the job search as we gather new jobs all across different fields.

Government financial resources aren’t always reliable. Finding a job is a job in itself. Newsbreak wants to ensure your job search is helpful.

Here are jobs looking to get filled in in Fort Worth:

1. High School General Education Teacher, CTE/CRE, Money Matters, SY20/21, TVAH:

2. Special Education Teacher, Compliance Specialist, TVAH:

3. Now Hiring Teachers at Oakmont KinderCare:

4. Education Coordinator:

5. Manager of Alternative Credential Products (REMOTE):

6. Educational Based Diagnostician (EBD):

7. Family and Community Engagement Liaison:

8. Nurse Educator Specialist ICU:

9. Bachelor of Biblical Studies Teacher with Degree:

10. AmeriCorps Girl Scout Program Faciliatator – Reduced Half Time:

While job resources may be important, please remember to take care of your health and well-being.

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