Dallas police officer beats coronavirus after more than 100 days in hospital: ‘I proved a lot of people wrong’

Dallas, Texas – A Dallas Independent School District sergeant has walked out of a hospital this week after spending more than 100 days battling the coronavirus – 30 of which were spent in a coma, KDFW reports.

“I’m here. I proved a lot of people wrong,” Sgt. Vince Remediz told the station Tuesday. “You can beat this thing. Took me 100 days to do it.”

Remediz, who was put on a ventilator in April, reportedly developed pneumonia at one point and lost 50 pounds throughout the ordeal.

His family says his recovery process took a positive turn at the end of May after receiving plasma from a recovered patient and the drug hydroxychloroquine, among other treatments.

“We did plan for some of the worst cases at times,” his brother, Thomas Remediz, told KDFW. “He’s continued to fight. Never quit.”

Now that Remediz is coronavirus-free, he is hoping to donate his plasma to others fighting the illness, the station adds.

But he also has a message for the public.

“They should take it seriously. Don’t think it’s a joke. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy,” Remediz told KDFW. “You never know what to expect and what you’re going to go through. The only thing I can tell people is please wear your mask.”

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