There were more than 70,000 jobs added in the state of Texas last month; unemployment rate continues declining trend

Texas – Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, millions of Americans and businesses have been struggling for more than a year. Closures, strict pandemic measures, high numbers of Covid-19 cases and supply chain issues are some of the problems every American has been facing more or less since the start of the pandemic.

Fortunately, in the last nearly a year, the country has reopened, people have started spending more time outside with friends and family, and the American economy has bounced back from the pandemic. The re-opening came as a huge relief for everyone, including business owners and employees, as fewer people had to rely on pandemic relief programs and Covid-19 benefits.

For more than a year now, more jobs have been added nationwide, and the state of Texas is not an exemption. According to the latest Texas jobs report, the number of jobs reached a new record high last month, and the unemployment rate is still going down, which is another sign that the Texas economy is getting better.

According to the Texas Workforce Commission Chairman Bryan Daniel who revealed the July report, a total of 72,000 more jobs were added in the Texas economy last month. In addition, July was the eleventh straight month with new record levels of employment in the Lone Star State.

The same report indicates that Texas added more jobs this year than any other year since 1990. However, the pandemic and the modern era changed the types of jobs Texans are attracted to, which further reflects salary and other additional job benefits.

Working from home and hybrid models of working remain two of the major things potential employees expect from companies. While for some industries, these two models don’t make a significant difference, business owners in some cases have hard time finding workers.

Recent data shows that half of the companies that required their workers to return to office after the pandemic measures lost some of their employees. On the other hand, more than half of the surveyed workers said they were ready to quit their jobs if employers quit work-from-home or hybrid models of working.

While working from home remains one of the top requirements for some people, a pay raise still seems to be the most important thing for workers, especially in a situation with rising prices and record-high inflation. However, the rising number of jobs added on a state level is good since most Texans can find the job that suits them the most.

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