Many families struggle to find baby formula for their babies due to the shortage, but North Texas organizations and companies are helping those in need

North Texas – Many American families still struggle to find baby formula, a problem that has occurred since recently, but escalated in the last week or two. The major manufacturer Abbott will soon restart the production after they reached an agreement with the regulators, but it will take some time before things get back to normal.

Many Americans, including North Texas residents, are having hard times in finding baby formula, but local organizations and private companies are doing everything in their power helping them with the much-needed supplies.

Among those who try to help are several non-profit organizations, but also local business owners.

North Texas restaurant owner Benji Arslanovski, who is the owner of the Our Place Restaurant in Mansfield, was able to get 20 boxes of baby formula from his distributors, and he gives the cans for free to parents who are not able to find on themselves. According to Arslanovski, he wants to help the local community just like the local community helped him to keep the restaurant running during the difficult Covid times.

Nationwide, more than 40% of formula is out of stock. The shortage spiraled due to a strained supply chain plus Abbott Nutrition’s recall of infant formula.

While experts warn that the shortage might last for months, food pantries like Brother Bill’s Helping Hand in West Dallas are helping to fill the void, too. The non-profit confirmed they have baby formula in stock and are about to give to those in need during their Wednesday and Thursday’s food pantries. However, they inform the public that everyone should sign up in advance through the nonprofit.

Arslanovski said his restaurant might get new supplies by the end of the week and encourages everyone to call the restaurant and get on the waiting list.

Our Place Restaurant

Mansfield: 915 W Debbie Ln, Mansfield, TX 76063

Phone: (817) 473-9996

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