Skydiving instructor killed, while the student is injured and hospitalized after parachute failed to open during a jump

Houston, TX – What should have a been just another regular skydiving jump, ended up as a fatal incident for one skydiving instructor just outside Houston over the weekend.

According to the incident report, the incident happened on Saturday in Waller, about 40 miles northwest of Houston.

In the weekend incident, a tandem instructor died, while the tandem student suffered serious injuries and is treated in hospital after their parachute failed to open.

Both the instructor and the student were airlifted to hospital. The instructor succumbed to the injuries, while the students suffered serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. His condition is table.

Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry said the female student and her male instructor were doing the tandem jump when the parachutes failed to open. “The primary and secondary [parachutes] both just kind of swirled down,” Guidry said.

There is ongoing investigation about the incident conducted by the local police, Waller County Sheriff Office deputies and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Skydive Houston decided to suspended all jumps while the authorities are conducting the investigation.

The identities of the instructor and the female student who is hospitalized were not immediately released by the authorities.

Once the investigation is finished, we will update the story with more details.

This is the official press release from Skydive Houston –

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