Local residents to check their older phones, car and home security systems as AT&T shuts down the ‘outdated’ 3G network

Dallas, Texas – With the implementation of the 5G network across the country and the next generation of networks – 6G already being under development, 3G seems to be nothing but an outdated technology since most of the devices we use today already work on the modern networks like 4G and 5G.

AT&T is the first mobile operator in America shutting down the 3G network nationwide to make room for the modern technologies like 5G and 6G when available. That said, part of the 3G network in the North Texas area is about to be shut down on Tuesday.

According to reports, AT&T already disabled the 3G network in some areas nationwide.

With disabling the 3G network, many older phones, older car systems and dated home security systems will become unusable. However, if a device is bought in the last decade, it should be eligible to continue working on 4G.

The biggest problem with shutting down the 3G network comes with the home security systems and other crucial services we rely on daily.

These are some of the systems that might be affected of this:

  • Home and business security systems
  • Fire alarm panels
  • Life and emergency alert buttons for older adults
  • Vehicle collision systems like OnStar
  • Traffic & and navigation systems for vehicles released any time between 2010 and 2021
  • Ankle monitoring bracelets in criminals
  • Solar panel systems

Even experts advise that many of the 24-hour monitoring services still work on the 3G network and they now must be upgraded for the 4G network.

“The United States is going to be disrupted, lives will be at risk,” John Brady, COO of emergency response company Connect America, told NBC Washington. “You’ll be amazed at how many people don’t even realize their devices are on a 3G platform. They think they just automatically change when the technology changes.”

AT&T announced the disabling of the 3G network in 2019 giving everyone enough time to prepare for the changes.

AT&T said it has been working with business customers to transition and that less than 1% of its data traffic currently runs on 3G.

In addition to AT&T, currently the only company shutting down the 3G network, Verizon, T-Mobile and Spring also announced they are getting rid of their 3G networks by the end of the year.

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