North Texas liquor stores highly affected by the supply chain issues, limited selection at the stores

Texas – The supply chain issues affected many businesses in the last couple of months causing problems for them to operate normally and as expected.

As we were approaching the holiday period that is just about to start, the gap between the supply and demand was only increasing and now customers and stores are really feeling the shortage on their own.

Liquor stores in North Texas are the latest in the row to be highly affected by the supply chain crisis resulting withing limited selection and customers in many cases should settle for second or third options.

Industry experts, liquor store owners and restaurants say they’re not in jeopardy of running out of stock, but the selection isn’t as good because of a shortage of bottles, shipping supplies and shipping backlogs.

Nik Gillett is a manager of Dallas Fine Wine and Spirits. He says it might appear they have plenty to choose from, but make no mistake that supply chain issues have them struggling to maintain more than ever before.

“We order 20 cases, and we get three. If we’re lucky,” he said.

This led to some suppliers to increase their prices meaning that the liquor stores are increasing the final prices of the products accordingly.

Additionally, liquor stores owners and their suppliers are impacted by the shortage of glasses, bottles, pallets, containers and drivers.

The Texas Bar and Nightclub Alliance says its members are definitely feeling the impact as are some DFW restaurants.

However, industry experts and local liquor store owners confirmed that if someone is not able to get their favorite drink, they will most likely offer them a similar substitute.

Even those liquor stores that have been in the businesses for decades couldn’t remember something similar in the last years.

“Some will say one week, and then it’s two weeks, and then it’s three weeks,” Gillett said. “Some people not saying until January.”

Some liquor stores have people already coming in for Christmas planning because people want to make sure their specific drink is in.

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