Pfizer fully approved by the FDA Monday morning, what this means for Texas Local health expert explains

What was everyone expecting for days, became a reality Monday morning as FDA officially fully approved the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. As we already reported, none of the vaccines that are being used globally was fully approved until now. All the vaccines were only “authorized for emergency use” and today that has changed.

What this means for the United States? Well, health experts say that this was the decision that everyone was waiting for a long time claiming that once a vaccine is fully approved, those vaccine hesitant are likely to change their minds over the vaccination and decide to take the shot. On a long run this means more people vaccinated and getting closer to control the pandemic.

The Covid-19 situation in Texas has been pretty intense lately, and the latest information from Monday morning will probably change that. This is what a North Texas doctor had to say about the Pfizer approval today.

“The fact of the matter is that a major hurdle has been reached,” said Dr. James Pinckney II, the founder and CEO of Diamond Health in North Texas.

Dr. Pinckney said the full approval of the Pfizer vaccine is a development that medical professionals have been hoping for.

“Our goal is to reach herd immunity. We need to be around 85-90% of the population to have immunity through vaccination or through natural immunity with COVID infection. So, if employers can imagine that their employees are vaccinated we will reach that goal much sooner. So, this is a big deal,” he said.

Pfizer was one of three emergency use authorization vaccines currently being used in the country.

Up until this point, the emergency use authorization came with limitations. Full approval by the FDA likely clears the way for more vaccine mandates for both private and public organizations.

“This is a huge development. This means that the government may mandate that all military and government employees are vaccinated. And employers would be able to mandate that their employees be vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. So full FDA approval is a huge decision,” Dr. Pinckney said.

He’s hoping the official stamp of approval will help increase vaccination rates.

“There’s a lot of miss information still about the COVID vaccinations. People think that they cause infertility. They think that they can cause other side effects and there’s no scientific evidence to prove. So, if something gets full FDA approval, that means the greatest scientists in the world have studied the vaccine; have studied vaccinated individuals and are coming to a conclusion that the vaccine is safe and the benefits farther outweigh the cons,” he said.

And with the numbers on the rise again in Texas, Dr. Pinckney believes this development could provide medical staff with that extra support they so desperately need right now.

“Here in Texas the pediatric ICU it’s completely full. Children’s hospital beds are in short supply. Physicians are tired. The nursing staff is tired. The ancillary staff is exhausted. This is going on 18 months, so we need your help,” he said. “As a plea from a medical professional, we want everyone to get vaccinated. 96% of doctors have been vaccinated. We have studied these things and so just take our lead.”

The full approval is for people 16 and older.

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