“She will pay for this,” Middle school teacher was caught on video hitting 12-year-old student with a broken piece of broom causing him to scream and fall to the ground during class, charged

Teachers are expected to provide the best possible environment for their students where they can feel loved and safe, an environment where they will want to return every single day to enjoy their school time with fellow students and learn new things. Unfortunately, incidents in schools are on the rise since students returned to in-person teaching after the pandemic measures and this trend is already very alarming.

About a week ago, we reported about the incident in which a teacher’s aide is accused of cutting a minor special needs student’s both of his long braids for several inches and placed the snipped pieces in a bag for no apparent reason. The aide was immediately fired from the school, but local residents, parents of students, are still concerned about their children’s safety in school.

Following a recent incident, a 49-year-old middle school teacher was arrested and charged after a video appeared online in which she is clearly seen hitting 12-year-old student with a broken piece of broom causing him to scream and fall to the ground in classroom. The teacher, identified as C. Lundy, has since been fired from the Florida middle school and was arrested and charged with one count of felony child abuse three days after the incident.

According to WPTV that reported about the case late April, the incident happened on April 19 when Lundy was using a broom to sweep her classroom and out of sudden the metal handle broke off. That’s the moment when the 12-year-old student picked up the broken handle and ran with it, other students that have been in the classroom at the time have said. The teacher then took the broken piece away from the student and cut his hand while doing so.

The identity of the victim was not immediately released due to his age, but his parents later decided to speak out about the incident and said the victim was their son, the 12-year-old Kevin Searles Jr. According to the parents, the teacher became “angered by his behavior” and used a desk to pin him near the wall. In the video, which can be viewed below the article, the boy says, “I want to get out.” The teacher replied, “You like it right there.”

That’s the moment when the teacher, obviously very angry by the child’s behavior, hit him two or three times with the broken broom handle on his leg, hand, and arm. The boy was left in pain and started screaming eventually falling to the ground. One of the students caught the beating on camera, a video later used by the authorities as evidence against the teacher.

The teacher was arrested and released on a $5,000 bond roughly three hours after being processed. The parents of the little boy were not happy with the judge’s decision and said that firing the teacher is not enough. “She will pay for this,” the boy’s mother, Joselyn said to the local TV station. “She will not do this to another child.”

A spokesperson for S. L. P. Schools released a statement about the incident:

“The alleged behavior is intolerable and reprehensible. As a result of the initial investigation, the teacher has been terminated. This behavior represents a total disregard for SLPS’s mission to provide a safe and caring teaching and learning environment and such behavior is not tolerated.”

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