“Oh no. We can’t treat this. His finger is gone,” A 9yo boy had to have his finger amputated after injuring himself at school and family members blame the school officials and nurse for not calling 911

Last week, a 9-year-old boy injured himself after falling in the classroom hurting his finger so badly that he had to have his finger amputated in an effort to save his entire hand. The boy’s family, obviously devastated by the incident, say the school officials, the teachers and the school nurse all made a huge mistake for not calling 911 and waited for someone to pick the boy up from school.

The 9-year-old DJ said he tripped over his backpack in the classroom and got caught in a metal computer cabinet, which snapped his finger in the cabinet’s door jam. When the school nurse realized the boy is seriously injured, the school called DJ’s mother, T. Pierce, and said that her son had a “gash” on his hand. Pierce, who was still at work when she received the call, was asked if she or DJ’s grandfather will come at the school to pick the boy up.

Sometime later the boy’s grandfather arrived at the Bri. Elementary School in Missouri to pick up his nephew. He immediately noticed that DJ had his finger wrapped, but his hand was still bleeding. The school nurse reportedly said to the grandfather that DJ had his hand cut, but didn’t explain how serious the injury was. However, the school nurse advised him to take DJ to urgent care as soon as possible.

DJ and his grandfather immediately headed to a local hospital and shortly after their arrival, the grandfather was left in total shock seeing DJ’s bone sticking out of his middle finger as soon as the nurses unwrapped the boy’s hand. “Oh no. We can’t treat this. His finger is gone,” the nurse who unwrapped the boys finger said, according to the grandfather Larry.

The mother, who met the boy and the grandfather at the hospital, was informed that the medical crew is not able to continue with the operation because DJ’s finger needed to be amputated after the X-rays results were done. The boy was transferred to another hospital by ambulance. The mother claims the school’s nurse sent a photo of the missing portion of DJ’s finger. It was still attached to the metal cart, but could not be used for the boy’s initial surgery.

“How do you send a child home with his finger cut off and just pass it on without calling 911 at the school?” grandfather Larry asks.

DJ’s family members blame the school for not doing enough regarding her son’s injury. According to them, taking into consideration the seriousness of DJ’s injury, the first thing the school nurse had to do was calling 911. “From our perspective, at first glance, it appears that 911 should have been called and he should have been transported immediately instead of waiting for his grandfather to come pick him up,” family’s lawyer later said.

According to KFOR, DJ said after his finger was smashed into the metal cabinet, there was “blood everywhere.” “I slipped on my backpack, and the computer cart thingy was open, and I used these three fingers to kind of pull myself,” he said. “My middle finger was on the edge of it, and then it cut it.”

Following the incident, the school district released a statement in which they confirmed they are aware of an incident that happened on April 18 resulting in injury to a student requiring medical attention. The statement states the district is ‘always concerned for and committed to the health and safety of its students and is currently investigating the accident in question’. However, the school district decided not to release more details about this particular incident due to FERPA laws.

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