Elementary school cafeteria monitor forced little girl to eat the food she previously threw in the garbage because she didn’t like it, worker and principal fired

Since the very first day in school, children spend most of their time in schools in the years ahead and time spent in school has great impact on their overall development during the years. Therefore, teachers and all the other school workers have major roles in children’s lives including teaching them how to behave and about the real values in life.

Unfortunately, sometimes teachers and school workers lose their minds over basic, daily things. Such was the case with a cafeteria worker last November who forced a 9-year-old student to eat the food she previously threw in the garbage bin because she didn’t like it, literally humiliating her in front of the other students while in class and the incident was caught on camera.

Shortly after the incident, the story was brought to the day of the light by Local 12 when the victim’s mother decided to speak publicly about the case confirming they are in the process of filing lawsuit against the school, the school district and the school principal.

“It literally flipped my whole family upside down,” L. Williams, the mother of the 4th grade student said at the time. “She doesn’t act the same. She doesn’t even wanna go to school,” she added.

The incident took place in Ohio elementary school and the cafeteria worker was caught on one of the school surveillance cameras. The video of the incident was not released up until few days ago when it surfaced online for the family to view it.

According to the family’s attorney who filed the lawsuit back in December, the little girl suffered physical and emotional trauma as a result of the incident and was not able to attend school for some time. Since the minor was not able to attend school for extended period of time, the mother had to take care of her resulting with losing the only job she had at the time.

The cafeteria worker involved in the incident was put on administrative leave until the officials and the school district were investigating the case.

As soon as the video was publicly available, the little girl’s attorney said that watching the video brought back all the feelings of humiliation and embarrassment she felt right after the incident, which will eventually be heard in federal court.

“What we see is a student finish with her lunch… again, a student finish with her lunch and she goes to throw the lunch away like hundreds and thousands of students across the country do every day,” said J. Klebanow, one of the attorneys for the girl’s family.

Klebanow added that the school district’s investigation showed the student threw away a packaged food item, and the employee removed it, wiped it off, gave it back to the girl, who opened it and ate it. Even though the officials knew exactly what happened, for some reason they decided not to take actions and never reported it to anyone.

The school worker who was initially placed on administrative leave was fired. Along with him, the school principal was also fired for not reporting the incident and not taking additional actions against the cafeteria worker.

Up until few days ago, the attorney was constantly asking for the video which they intend to use it as evidence in court, but they didn’t have the chance to see up until few days ago when it surfaced online for the very first time since the incident took place.

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