“Hey come get your boy out of the street,” teenager brutally attacked and beaten by ‘friends’ over a girl, won’t be able to play football ever again

Teenage years seems to be the hardest period in life for both the young folks and their parents. Those years seems to be transitional phase of growth and development between childhood and adulthood, a period when teenagers want to party, make new friends, have partners and much more. But this period is more or less problematic for everyone that goes through.

The 16-year-old C. Hagan recently felt on his own what a simple misunderstanding in the teenage years might look alike after he was attacked and brutally beaten by his friends, also teenagers, over a girl. Hagan, a high school football player, was hospitalized in dire physical condition as he suffered serious injuries including two skull fractures and a broken clavicle — meaning he is unlikely to play football ever again.

“Sadly, I think it’s a long shot for him to ever play football again, which was one of his biggest passions,” said his brother Cory and added that his brother should be lucky to have survived the brutal beating.

The alleged attacker Reid Mitchell, 17, is charged with aggravated assault, as are co-defendants Ayden Holland, 18, and Logan Huber, 17, according to KHOU.

The incident happened in Texas and all three of the teenagers are accused in the incident. According to the local authorities, two ‘friends’, whose identities were not revealed by the authorities, lured the victim from a party two weeks ago. Mitchell then punched Hagan in the face, slammed him to the concrete ground, and elbowed him hard three or four times, a witness said in this account.

Initially, the motive behind the almost fatal incident was unknown, but Fox 26 Houston later reported that the beating occurred over a girl. It was not immediately clear what really happened that led to the incident.

“They left him in the road after they finished attacking him and then texted one of his friends that were in the backyard of this house to say, ‘Hey come get your boy out of the street,’” Hagan’s brother said. “They left him in the street, people who were supposed to be his friends.”

Hagan’s condition was so serious that he was put in the intensive care unit in the hospital. He had difficulties with breathing, so he was put on ventilator support. Few days later, he made his first steps since the incident occurred and his situation has improved ever since. However, it is too early to say if he will ever fully recover taking into consideration the extent of his injuries.

Multiple unofficial sources claim that there is video footage of the incident, but it never surfaced online. When parents heard about the video, they immediately offered $25,000 for the footage. The believe if such video exists, it will help them in future lawsuit against the attackers.

“Man, he loves his friends and he’s the kind of guy that you can count on,” his brother told KHOU.

The school district in an official statement said they are aware of the incident and confirmed that everyone involved in the beating will not be on campus until further notice. They also added that additional measures will be taken against the students if more information is discovered as a result of the investigation.

The investigation is ongoing. Once more details are available, we will update the case.

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