Drug dealer shot and killed teenager then dropped the body in wooded area because he owed him less than a hundred dollars

From teenagers to adults, there is rising number of people consuming drugs in recreational purposes almost on a daily basis across the country and that increasing trend leads to high number of drug deals. While in some states some drugs are legalized for medical and recreational use, many people decide to buy it from local dealers because of lower prices and sometimes there are misunderstandings between drug dealers and consumers.

One such incident took place last month when a misunderstanding between the drug dealer and a teenager ended up to be fatal for the teenager who was just about to buy weed, again.

The drug dealer and the teenager were acquaintances due to the many drug deals they had in the past. Both of them agreed to meet so the teenager could purchase marijuana from the drug dealer as usual, but the drug dealer had other intentions as shot him to death as soon as they met.

The court documents indicate that the 19-year-old T. Parson was arrested for the murder of the 19-year-old J. Alston. Parson also had a female accomplice while committing the crime which was also arrested and faces charges.

According to the police report, the incident happened in Pennsylvania when Parson lured Alston into an alleged drug deal, reached for his weapon and shot him several times over roughly $100 debt. State police found Alston’ body with multiple gunshot wounds in a wooded area near the victim’ hometown after responding to a report of gunshots heard.

According to court documents, Parson told authorities upon his arrest he shot and killed Alston because the victim had not paid him for several previous marijuana purchases and owed him approximately $100.

Police said Parson had help in the ambush from the 18-year-old K. Nelson, who was also arrested, but she allegedly was not aware that Parson planned to kill Alston and was only following instructions.

The investigation showed that Nelson picked up Parson and drove him to the meeting’ scheduled location. When Alston approached the car, Parson handed him marijuana with one hand, then pulled a gun with the other from between the car’s front seats and shot him several times leaving him dead at the scene.

They took the dead body and dropped it in the nearby wooded area. As soon as they were done with the body, the couple fled the scene.

Both Parson and Nelson were arrested last Thursday without incident for the murder of Alston. Parson was charged with homicide, while Nelson was charged with hindering apprehension; manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver; and tampering with evidence.

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