“I don’t even care. Die. Die,” Woman beat and killed 4-year-old foster girl because she allegedly had behavioral issues, court

In a period of rising trend of violent crime cases especially those of domestic character, children involved cases are not an exclusion and that’s what makes the whole national issue even more concerning. Children usually end up injured in such cases, but in some cases, they are collateral damage fatal victims of what their parents go through in life.

In one such case a 4-year-old foster girl head been abused and beaten until she died in an incident earlier this year and her foster mom is now facing first-degree charges in regards to the incident.

According to the court records, the mother was identified as the 41-year-old L. Mitchell and she is accused for torturing her foster daughter until she died in her Florida home in late August. The medical examination showed that the 4-year-old girl called Joy died from a combination of brain bleeding caused by blunt force head trauma.

Two days before the girl was pronounced dead, Mitchell allegedly called 911 to report that Joy was unconscious and unresponsive in the bathtub. The suspect was not able to explain what had happened to the girl at the time claiming that she only found her that way and immediately called 911 seeking medical help.

However, the results from the medical examination showed something completely different that contradicted Mitchell’s story. Further, a medical examiner found no evidence that Joy had drowned.

According to Joy’s caseworker, this was the fourth foster home for Joy as she had previously been living in three different long-term foster homes and she was known to have behavioral issues. When questioned by the authorities, Mitchell said she was not told about Joy’s behavioral issues.

Joy’s caseworker placed the little angel with Mitchell in June and made regular visits to the home. She claims nothing indicated that such incident might occur since the girl seemed happy to be with Mitchell and she noticed no bruises on the girl or any other causes for concern.

According to Florida Today, court documents obtained recently indicate that this was not the first time for Mitchell to be involved in child abuse case. Reportedly, she was looking over two other children, but foster care worker took the children from her in April and returned them to their biological parents due to injuries seen on one of the children.

Crime Online reported that the children told the social workers that some of the bruises were sustained in falls — but others were caused by Mitchell, beating them with belts, a spatula, shoes and her hand. The case was reported in police but authorities decided not to file criminal charges against Mitchell for some reason.

Prosecutors in court said that Joy’s death was preventable as there was a documented history of abuse involving Mitchell. In court, Mitchell’s attorney cited an analyst’s report that stated that Joy could not feel empathy or pain like other children her age. Prosecutors presented a video filmed by Mitchell during one of the slain girl’s possible episodes.

Mitchell is heard in the recording saying, “I don’t even care. Die. Die. Die, b**ch, die,” according to Florida Today. Mitchell is charged with first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse with great bodily harm, neglect of a child, and child abuse. A bond hearing is scheduled for December 6.

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