“He is poisoning people with the Covid-19 vaccine,” Man kills brother, sister-in-law and family friend because they were vaccination supporters

The Covid-19 pandemic is shaking the world for more than a year and a half, leaving numerous death cases and health, social and financial consequences for people.

And when the vaccines against the virus finally came out, false information and rumors started circulating about the ineffectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines despite the scientific evidence that they are safe and effective.

This kind of rumors prompted a certain group of people across the country to raise their voices and express concerns over the Covid-19 vaccines, and some of them even believe that the vaccines are part of a conspiracy and our government is poisoning people with them.

Such a “believer” with alleged mental health problems recently confronted his brother, sister-in-law and a family friend about the Covid-19 vaccines, and instead of arguing or just expressing his thoughts against the vaccination, he killed them.

The 46-year-old Jeffrey B. of Maryland is accused of killing his brother, the 58-year-old Brian R., his sister-in-law, the 57-year-old Sue R., and a family friend, the 83-year-old Rebecca R.

Jeffrey’s mother, Evelyn B. had called 911 twice prior the killings, expressing concerns about her son’s mental stability, after he made statements that the FBI are after him and his mother.

One day before the murders, Evelyn contacted the police again asking them to check her friend, Rebecca R., because Jeffrey was mentioning something about “Becky’s car.”

Officers arrived at Rebecca’s home and found her dead. She had a deep cut on her throat and a pillow over her face. Police indicated there were signs of a struggle, noting a broken vase, cordless phone and cane on the floor near where Rebecca was found. Rebecca’s car was nowhere to be found.

Evelyn told officers that Jeffrey said he had to confront his brother because he was poisoning people by administering the Covid-19 vaccine and kept repeating the phrase “Brian knows something,” according to police report.

Police believe it was a clear motive for Jeffrey to go to his brother’s house.

Authorities went to Brian’s house and found him and his wife dead with apparent gunshot wounds. Rebecca’s vehicle was located half a mile down Brian’s house.

After killing his brother and sister-in-law, Jeffrey stole their Corvette and went on large. He fled the state, but was arrested by authorities following an 18-hour-long search.

Jeffrey was arrested one day following the crimes, after flagging down a firefighter, and told him he “had been forced to kill three people.”

He was extradited back to Maryland and is being held in jail without bond.

Jeffrey has been charged with three counts of first degree murder, two counts of second-degree murder and a car theft.

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