Man stabbed mother and father to death while minor nephew was in the house, crashes car while fleeing scene

Not every person with criminal history deserves second chance in life and this case is just about that, a repetitive offender who apparently didn’t learn how to make things up and enjoy his life.

Closest family and friends are those who we rely on, always here for us who support us to move forward in life regardless of all the mistakes we had done in the past. This man will now probably spend most of his life in prison after he stabbed and killed his parents, those who probably supported him the most.

According to the police reports, the suspect identified as the 35-year-old N. Costello stabbed his parents to death in their Texas home last week. When the incident took place, the dead couple’s minor nephew who is also suspect’s nephew, was hiding in the toilet and somehow managed to flee the house to safety.

The father of the suspect was identified as the 50-year-old D. Morgan, while the female victim was identified as the 56-year-old J. Costello. The police confirmed that the house where the incident happened was actually their home.

Investigators found out that the suspect fled the scene as soon as he realized what he had done. He took his father’s vehicle, but crashed just a few miles away from the house as he was headed to an undisclosed location. When officers arrived at the scene where Costello crashed the vehicle, he was trapped in his car suffering both stab wounds from the fight with his parents and injuries sustained in the crash.

His injuries were non-life-threatening and he was transferred to the nearest hospital for treatment. As soon as he was treated, he was taken into custody and he now faces multiple charges including two counts of capital murder for killing his parents.

The investigators were not able to determine what led to the fatal incident, but family members and nearby residents are in in shock from the horrific news. Some of them added that the suspect had always been suspicious and he was acting strangely all the time for no apparent reason. One of them is Jeff, the man who worked in their home just a week before the fatal incident.

“If we went to their house, did a little work for them she would want to know if we wanted something to drink,” he said. That’s when he met the couple’s son. “He followed us around and stuff, looked in my service manager’s toolbox but he was very quiet. I have a son of my own and you get in disagreements. It makes me wonder was he on something? Did he have a problem somewhere that wasn’t addressed?”.

According to the man who owns the house where the couple was living for more than two years, they were very nice people and he never had any issues with them during that time. However, he added that he believes that suspect had some problems as he was taken in and out of hospital multiple times during the two-year period.

“I know that he just moved back in with them about two months ago,” he said. “They had some problems with him. I know they sent him to the hospital a couple of times and the hospital would release him. (Psychiatric hospital?) I don’t know what kind of hospital. I think he (the husband) owned a paint and body shop. She (the wife) did psychic readings on the side.”

Victims’ neighbors and closest family relatives were devastated when they heard about the double murder. According to the neighbors, the couple were really nice people and asked themselves how such thing happened to them.

The minor child was seen by the neighbors running out of the house. They say he was the one who called the officers in the house. He was uninjured.

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