Teenager stabbed parents to death with a knife, his father died immediately, the mother was killed with an axe

The teenage years seems to be the hardest period in live for both the teenagers and their parents. Teenagers start to realize the world and they think they are already grown ups while parents put a lot of effort trying to convince them they are still children.

Some parents face major issues during the teenage years of their children and thousands of cases are reported every year where parents end up with arguments and fights with their teenage children over the simplest things in everyday life.

But in today’s case, we will be talking about a teenager who went step further and killed both of his parents in what appears to be stabbing incident few days ago.

According to the police report, the 17-year-old E. Orton is accused of stabbing both of his parents to death in their Iowa home few days ago. The teenager now faces multiple charges and if found guilty, he will most certainly spend the next few decades behind bars.

For still unknown reason, the fatal day Orton attacked his parents and stabbed them with a knife, leaving his father dead, while his mother was alive, but in very critical condition suffering stab wounds. When Orton realized that his mother is still alive, he used an axe to finally finish her.

The incident was reported to the police by Orton’s neighbors who saw that something weird is happening in their house. When the first responding officer arrived at the scene, both of the victims were on the ground covered in blood with apparent stab wounds. They were already dead when he got there.

The teenager was sitting outside and he was all covered in blood, the officer explained. When asked by the officer what happened, the admitted to killing his parents. According to the incident report, he killed his parents to “take charge of his life.” He used a knife on both of them, then an axe on his mother after she appeared to be still alive, the suspect said in the complaint.

Orton’s father was identified as the 42-year-old C. Orton and his mother was identified as the M. Slade. They were living in the house with their son, now the main suspect in the case. The motive behind the incident remains unknown.

“Due to the seriousness of the offenses the 17-year old’s charges were direct filed to adult court,” police wrote on Facebook. Those who knew the slain couple spoke warmly of them. Neighbors described them as kind and caring, according to KWWL.

“It’s very sad … Just hard to stomach,” neighbor Jean Garett told The Gazette. “They were generous people. Misty always had pumpkins for Halloween. They would decorate the house and have (spooky) noises. I can’t imagine this happening.”

Orton’s bond was set at $2 million.

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