Alcohol fueled argument went wrong after daughter broke into her mother’s apartment and stabbed her multiple times to death in front of her children

Everyone enters into an argument with their parents almost on a daily basis and that usually happens with no apparent reason, but in today’s case the alcohol fueled argument between a mother and a daughter ended up fatally for the 51-year-old woman after her daughter broke into her apartment and stabbed her multiple times killing her at the scene.

The suspect, identified as the 29-year-old E. McDonald, will probably spend a decent time in prison if found guilty for stabbing her mother to death and stabbing her aunt leaving her with serious injuries that is still alive thanks to the fast intervention of the EMS personnel.

According to police reports, the main suspect in the case McDonald had an argument with her mother and her aunt on August 16 in the afternoon hours prior to the attack in her mother’s apartment in Texas. The police didn’t reveal what was the reason for the argument, but said that the daughter, who was obviously drunk at the time, left the house and the situation calmed down.

Detectives said 29-year-old McDonald broke in through a window and attacked her 51-year-old mother, identified in court records as T. Mendoza, and her 63-year-old aunt in the apartment in the evening hours the same day.

According to a neighbor who witnessed the incident in front of the house, the attacker believed to be McDonald performed a CPR on Mendoza after the stabbing, but she didn’t manage to bring her mother to life. Completely panicking, she left the scene and drove in unknown directions.

According to the same witness, McDonald’s children were at the house at the time of the attack and he believes that they might have seen everything. The police didn’t initially confirm this information.

Just shortly after the deputies arrived at the scene, McDonald came back at the house saying that she hasn’t been involved in the incident despite the fact she had a pretty intense argument with her mother just a few hours prior to the incident.

Detectives said the attacker was wearing a mask at the time of the attack. Despite that fact, McDonald’s aunt who was also stabbed multiple times and barely survived, was able to identify her as the attacker. That led the officers to check McDonald’s apartment where they found clothes covered in blood and took them as an evidence.

The victim was transferred to hospital for treatment but despite doctors’ efforts she died shortly after. McDonald’s aunt was reportedly stabbed six times resulting to be in critical condition, but the fast reaction of the EMS team and later surgery in the hospital, she will be ok.

Prior to the attack, relatives said they tried to get officers to intervene before things took a twisted turn. Officers tried to take McDonald into custody on another charge just hours prior to the attack, but the Harris County District Attorney’s Office declined to move forward, claiming they need more evidence.

The local police department officers were dispatched at the scene just about six hours prior to the incident in regards to a disturbance call. When they arrived at the scene, McDonald had an argument with her mother and aunt, but she left the apartment as soon as the officers arrived. They came back 30 minutes later for a welfare check and everything seemed fine.

Police said the responding officer suggested McDonald be arrested on child endangerment and assault charges. The district attorney’s office said its prosecutors declined, saying they need more evidence. Around six hours later, the fatal incident occurred.

The woman is now facing multiple charges including murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. If found guilty, she is expected to spend many years in prison. She was jailed and held on $650,000 bond.

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