High school teacher allegedly texts her student, gives alcohol and develops a close relationship with him

High school teacher from Maryland is accused and charged for engaging in sexual activity with a student after she gave him alcohol. Everything started when the 25-year-old teacher called Alexis M., gave her number to the student and started texting him.

After sometime, they developed a relationship and start meeting after school. The teacher is also accused for giving alcohol to her student which was a minor at the time of the incident.

Alexis subbed at the same school where the student attended, and that’s how they met for the first time. The teen later told police the teacher allegedly texted him first.

“The teacher had initially reached out to this student by sending a telephone number. Some text messaging had gone back and forth, they developed a relationship over time and the student elected to come forward to police,” police said.

Their relationship allegedly became physical when the pair began to meet off school property. During their meetings, the teacher allegedly gave the student alcohol and the pair engaged in sexual activity. It’s unclear how often the pair met, but the Gazette reports detectives say it was more than once.

She faces two counts of sex offense with a person in a position of authority along with one count of consuming an alcoholic beverage while on public property.

The student’s age has been withheld to protect his identity.

The day after Alexis arrest, the student’s mother applied for a peace order against her, which was granted, the Gazette reports.

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